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Philippine Building Project UPdate 09/3/2014

Faith Promise Missions Westwood Baptist Church, Odessa, TX


Sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church, Hamburg, Arkansas

ICP work in the world. English In limba romana

Click here to view a video presentation of the Romanian Work presented by Liviu Clinciu.

Missionary Report Mailing Service from ICP

Download PDF of "Special Report on Kenya Literature."

Church Bulletin Inserts "A Ministry of Praise to God" (PDF Download for printing) (1.2MB) | Full Page format (3.4MB)

Click here for reports Archives

Who We Are: International Christian Publishers is a ministry of the Calvary Baptist Church, Hamburg, Arkansas. For complete information about Missionary Bill and Rita Johnson and ICP click here.

Download PDF article about ICP from December, 2003 issue of Macedonian Call Magazine (116KB)

Download Christian Education Bulletin Article about Bill Johnson (PDF)

Mission Statement: The purpose of our ministry is to help develop scriptural literature in countries around the world.

Doctrine: For a full statement of faith click here.

Acknowledgement: We gratefully acknowledge the Baptist Sunday School Committee of the American Baptist Association for permitting us to translate their curriculum materials.

Sermon "Loving God, Loving Others" Download PDF, HTML

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